What programs are supported by the Foundation?

Programs include the Unrestricted Capital Improvements Fund which provides for repairs and maintenance of our church and school, the Technology Fund which keeps our school up-to-date with the newest computer-based learning tools, the School Endowment Fund which provides instructional equipment for our school and PSR program, the Teachers’ Salary Fund which helps us retain the highest caliber of teaching staff and other programs that support scholarships and community outreach.

Can I specify where my contribution goes?

Yes. The Foundation also offers named funds that can be designated by individuals or families for specific programs.

Does my contribution stay in St. Hilary Parish?

Yes. All programs support the continued excellence of our parish community and school.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes. All donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

Who manages the Foundation?

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees who oversee the funds and review and grant requests for distribution.

How will I know how Foundation funds are being used?

The Foundation publishes periodic newsletters and an annual report that detail the projects underway. Announcements will be made to the parish regarding the receipt and distribution of funds. Updates will also be available on the Foundation News page of this site.

My children have completed their education at St. Hilary and I contribute weekly to the parish. Why do we need a Foundation?

Weekly contributions are much appreciated and vital to support the basic operating expenses of our parish. The Foundation supports capital improvements and unforeseen expenses related to the church, school and grounds, as well as enriches parish community programs.

How can I contribute to the St. Hilary Parish Foundation?

For information on how to give, see ways to support.