The St. Hilary Legacy Society

The St. Hilary Legacy Society

Legacies are woven of many threads – our acts of service, the lives we touch and the ways we support and sustain our beliefs and values.

The St. Hilary Parish Foundation can help you shape a legacy of hope for future generations. Donors who have made long-term commitments to the St. Hilary Parish Foundation through planned or deferred gift arrangements become members of The St. Hilary Legacy Society.

We are grateful to the following individuals for their generosity and honor them as a part of The St. Hilary Legacy Society:

  • Dorothy D’ Andrea
  • Margaret M. Banker
  • Ralph L. & Florence A. Bernard
  • Jody Boeske
  • Rev. Steven Brunovsky
  • Joseph and Olive Cairns
  • Mary Jean Carroll
  • Diane Coogan
  • Edward L. Cope
  • Richard & Helen Eichner
  • Joanne M. Harm
  • Jean Hauser
  • James & Carolyn Hogan
  • Sam & Salma Gibara
  • James & Gail Giltner
  • Larry Kern
  • Walter and Teresa McGee
  • Mary B. Metz
  • Diane Sarkis

If you have remembered the Foundation in your will or as a beneficiary of a life insurance or retirement account, please let us know so we can welcome you into The St. Hilary Legacy Society. If you are considering one of these lifelong legacy options, please contact Diane Sarkis, Development Director at 330-608-4787.